3 Stretches You Should Make a Part of Your Daily Routine

3 Stretches You Should Make a Part of Your Daily Routine

As static as our lifestyle has become, humans were meant to be agile and to keep moving. We were hunters in the beginning after all. The benefits of small things such as stretching and jogging have escaped our mind as we became more accustomed to a lifestyle where we are bound to sit on desks and stare at computer screens all day.

You may feel the urge to stretch in between work, or before getting up in the morning. Why is that? It’s because it makes us feel good and comfortable. So it is important to incorporate a few stretches in our daily routine.

This keeps us feeling good for the rest of the day and keeps us more active. People who suffer from a slouching posture can improve it by stretching and letting their body become more flexible. Sitting in one place can make the person accustomed to that pose. Stretching allows them to stay upright and more presentable.

Here are three stretches that you should do every day in your daily routine:

After Shower

If you are someone who wakes up and exercises first thing in the morning and then takes a warm shower, after the shower is the perfect time to start stretching. A warm shower soothes aching muscles which is why you should focus on your shoulder and neck muscles.

Tilt your head from side to side about 20 times and then 20 shrugs to ease the shoulders. Put your fists up to your chests so that your elbows are out from the sides and start turning from side to side to relax your torso.

While doing the Torso exercise, do not push yourself as it can result in a backache. Stretch to your normal capacity and repeat.

On your desk

Desk jobs are particularly hard on a person’s shoulders and back, which is why a person should get up and walk around the office for a while every other hour. Don’t let your muscles stay stiff. Get up, go outside of your working space and stretch out to the sky. Let your back make some cracking sounds and then come back to continue your work.

It does not only fulfill your stretching requirements, but also allows you a little break between your work time. Stretch as much as you can and stay active to complete your tasks of the day.

While watching something

While watching TV would not be relevant to today’s generation as we are equipped with YouTube and Netflix, whenever you are watching something, stretch in between to just relax yourself while enjoying your favorite visual content.

Couches tend to make us lazy, but if you stretch in between, you will be able to stay a bit active and not fall asleep. If you are sitting, just extend your legs as much as you can while your arms try to reach as far as they can between your legs. The squeeze stretch can make you feel less drowsy. You can even stretch when you get up to get a snack for yourself.