How to Finance a Car the Smart Way

How to Finance a Car the Smart Way

Are you looking for a new vehicle?

Selecting the perfect car from an array of available options can be nearly impossible. What’s even harder is finding the best ways to finance the vehicle of your choice. You need a vehicle you can afford. And you also need a financing option that works best for you.

By choosing the right financing option, you can pay less and save more. Here are some of the tips and techniques to help you finance a car the smart way.

  1. Dip into your savings first

    As a buyer, it might be tempting for you to find ways of purchasing the vehicle without even touching your savings. That way, you can earn a profit on your savings through interest and finance your car at the same time.

    However, a much more preferable way to reduce the cost of your car would be to dip into your savings to finance the vehicle. Use the entirety of your savings to buy the vehicle. If that’s not possible, use them for the biggest deposit on the vehicle you can possibly pay.

  2. Pay the bulk of the cost as down payment

    Speaking of the deposit or the down payment on the vehicle, you need to be aware of a simple rule of car financing. The more you pay on the deposit, the more you save on the interest, so be sure to pay as much as you can afford up front.

    If you don’t have enough savings to finance the vehicle’s down payment or you want to keep your savings fund for financial emergencies, you can still find ways to pay the deposit. Even temporarily selling some of your assets is more profitable than paying huge sums of interest on your car finance deal.

  3. Do tons of research before you sign on the dotted line

    Finding the best car finance deal isn’t easy. It takes a lot of knowledge about your personal finances and the variety of car finance deals available on the menu. You would need to do a lot of homework even before you set out of your home.

    The first step in doing research on the car finance deals is to know your credit score. Depending on what your credit score is, the number and nature of available car finance deals may vary. You should also compare quotes from various lenders before you make the choice.

  4. Consider the personal loan option

    Whenever we think about car finance, we mostly imagine the finance options offered by dealerships. But there are also other, much better, ways of financing the vehicle.

    One of those ways is financing your car purchase through personal loan. Personal loans usually have the lowest interest rates compared to other types of loans. And it’s also easy to secure good terms if you have a good credit score.